Top Ways for UAE Residents to Stay Fit and Healthy in the Summer

If you feel that pinch of trepidation when thinking of the gym, you’re not alone. A 2014 study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) concluded that the eastern Mediterranean region was second only to the Americas in terms of the lowest physical activity rates.

The study found that 50% of all women and over 30% of men in the UAE simply do not exercise enough to maintain good physical and mental health.  

With the arrival of Ramadan and the soaring summer temperatures, people in the UAE can feel unmotivated to brave the outdoor heat and keep up with the fitness regime. But, even in the hot and humid summer weather, there are ways to stay fit…without braving the sweltering heat or the dreaded gym.


Use Technology

The digital age has made monitoring our health easier than ever before. There is a wealth of apps that are free to download to your iPhone that can give you an understanding of your fitness levels, or help you get motivated and get moving.

Available in the App Store, the Styck app is a day-long activity tracker that records your movement. Not only that but, Styck offers rewards and incentives, motivating you to continually improve your physical health.

Invest in an Apple iWatch and you can enjoy fitness tracking as one of its many features. Being fit and healthy isn’t about hitting the gym once a week. It’s about making a conscious effort every day to exercise. Remember, choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator or a brisk 20-minute walk once a day can make all the difference, and apps, the iWatch or a fitness wristband, is a great way to see what you have achieved.


Indoor Activities

In the sweltering Dubai summer heat, a brisk 30-minute run may not be advisable. But that doesn’t mean that you should skip your workout altogether. There is a wealth of different activities anyone can engage in from the comfort of their own home.

For those with busy lives, the seven-minute workout is perfect for boosting health and fitness. Designed to help people lose weight, the workout consists of 12 high intensity 30 second workouts with a ten second break in between each.

Scientifically proven to help achieve that flat stomach, the seven-minute workout includes jumping jacks, push-ups, abdominal crunches, squats and lunges. After a few short weeks, you’ll feel yourself getting stronger and enjoy energy in abundance.

how to stay healthy in Dubai

Outdoor Activities

With the average temperatures in Dubai routinely reaching 38 degrees Celsius, you’d be forgiven for erring on the side of caution when considering sustained outdoor exercise. But that doesn’t mean that you should dismiss outdoor activities altogether.

Low intensity cardio in a sheltered environment can really get the heart pumping – and help you stay fit and healthy in the summer. Al Ittihad Park in The Palm is favoured by keep fit enthusiasts thanks to the shade the surrounding trees offer.

In the searing heat a dip in an outdoor pool can help you to cool off and avoid heatstroke. To stay fit and healthy, why not use the opportunity to swim a few laps in the pool? There’s no need to exhaust yourself, but, like we’ve previous said, maintaining fitness is all about regularity.



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