Battling the Bulge? Try One of These Dubai-Based Healthy Food Delivery Services

Most of us have experienced that moment when, standing in front of a mirror, we realise those unsightly few extra pounds. Whether after a festive period of over-indulgence, or reaching that dreaded age when your metabolism seems to grind to a halt, the inevitable swelling of the mid-section is something we all must face sooner or later.

Not only can weight gain affect our general mood, it can be the culprit of a myriad of health concerns, including high blood pressure and cholesterol and diabetes.

However, for anyone determined to change their diet and shed a few pounds, help is at hand. Dubai has a wealth of healthy meal outlets that can transform you from sluggish to active.

health food delivery in Dubai

Kcal Extra

Whether you’re looking to transform your physique, lose weight, get fit or manage diabetes, Kcal Extra’s calorie-controlled meal plans can help you to take charge of your health and well-being, without compromising on choice, convenience or taste.

Upon contacting Kcal, you’ll receive a consultation with one of their nutritionists who’ll help you choose from a diverse menu to that meets your health and wellness goals. Choose from a range of Middle East, Mediterranean or International cuisines, as delectable as they are healthy.

Meals include egg white omelettes with low fat cheddar cheese for breakfast and prime beef steak with cherry tomatoes and broccoli for lunch.

Love Food

Love Food is perfect for anyone that, well, loves food! Providing the people of Dubai with unprocessed, sustainable and nourishing meals that are not only convenient but affordable, Love Food offers a range of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Monthly meal plans can be tailored to gender, goals and dietary requirements which makes Love Food perfect for anyone with diabetes or any other health concerns.

Menus change constantly, offering a menu of meals to suit everyone’s palate. Choose the cardamom spiced chicken curry for dinner or sweet potato pancakes for breakfast and you’ll enjoy a meal that’s delicious and nutritious.

Daintree Food

If you need to eradicate sugar from your diet, or have an intolerance to dairy products, Daintree Food’s Paleo and Vegan-friendly meal delivery is one meal delivery service that you can’t afford to miss.

Following the basis of the Paleo diet (a gluten-free, low carbohydrate diet with an emphasis on fresh produce that’s scientifically-proven to work in harmony with personal genetics) Daintree Food’s meals offer healthy food substitutes for the bad food habits that many of us pick up without knowing throughout our lives.

Daintree Food invites its customers to participate in a 5-day detox program where they can enjoy lean protein, fruits and vegetables partnered with healthy fats from nuts, fish, oils and avocados.  

Health Factory

Health Factory offers you the choice of eight individual mealtime packages, catered to your personal motivations for changing your diet. From reduced sugar intake for diabetic sufferers to fatty food substitutes for those intent on losing weight, Health Factory has a plan for everyone!

The Serenity Package is perfect for the busy working professional who’s without a healthy food outlet in short walking distance from the office. Meals are delivered daily and the wealth of choice will leave you salivating.

The Miracle Package is the most popular and includes three meals and two snacks a day. The vast choice of international cuisine on their menu is rivalled only be the flexible service. This means one day you could order quinoa and chicken salad for yourself and the following day you can treat the whole office to mouth-watering house salad and seafood paella.   

77 Veggie Boutique

Low sodium, low carbohydrate and right protein meal packs are always on the menu at 77 Veggie Boutique. As you may have assumed, 77 Veggie Boutique meals are all vegetarian, and all delicious.

You can design your own healthy meal packs, choosing only those ingredients and dishes that get your stomach rumbling. Perfect for anyone deciding to detox or who wishes to cut sugar and salt from their diet, 77 Veggie Boutique will help you manage your weight and reduce cholesterol.

Indulge in organic food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and enjoy the vegan diet every single day. Fresh fruit and salads are always on the menu, as well as a range of dishes from around the world!



Healthy Meals Delivery Provider in UAE

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